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About Transformatise

Transformaction involves leaping into a new fishbowl

Transformatise looks at the economic and social factors leading us to a path of transformatisation. And, ways we can take control of our destiny, by inducing transformaction.

A transformation of the natural world is upon us. The fear is that the climate crisis could be so transformative it will destroy life as we know it.

We have two paths in front of us.

Transformatisation vs Transformaction

The path we choose will define our destiny.

Transformatisation is a process where we continue on the path of business as usual. Dismissing the alarm bells, we remain reliant on fossil fuels to power our economy deep into the twenty-first century.

This path will lead to an aggressive transformation of the climate system resulting in disorder and chaos as societies will be ill-equipped to adjust to the extremes created by the climate crisis.

Transformaction is a process where action is taken to redesign our economic and social systems to better prepare for what’s to come.

Choosing the path of transformaction will symbolise a rejection of the current systems ability to solve the crisis. We must choose the course of action if we have any hope of transforming.

Our destiny is still in our hands. We can choose the controlled path or the chaotic one. Either way, the climate crisis will force us to leap into a new fishbowl.